Corona Ointment

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Product Description

Corona Ointment is indicated for the following:

  • Body and legs
    The antiseptic emollient action of corona promotes the healing of minor cuts, lacerations, scrapes, rope burns, wire cut, harness and saddle sores: Keeps affected areas soft and supple.  
  • Head and legs, udder and teats
    Soothes chapped or sunburned muzzles, irritated udder or teats.  
  • Hoofs
    Lanolin-rich corona ointment helps preserve the natural moisture balance of hoofs, helping to maintain suppleness of coronary band, hoof wall, frog, and sole. Protects from drying and cracking, and splitting. Supports natural, smooth re-growth of hoof wall. Makes excellent hoof packing. Useful for treating overreach injuries to coronary band.  
  • Pets
    Apply generously to relieve cuts, scratches, bites, paw sores, and minor skin irritations.

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