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The Science and Benefits of Equine Plasma

with Sarah Myer Tompson

  In this 63rd episode of StallSide, Sarah Myer Thompson of MG Biologics sheds light on the science behind equine plasma and its impact on equine health.
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Tall Fescue Woes: Insights on Endophyte Ingestion
with Dr. Emma Adam and Krista Lea

Inside the In Vitro Fertilization Lab at Rood & Riddle

with Dr. Charlie Scoggin and Dr. Maria Schnobrich

The Tranformative Impact of Equine Laryngeal Nerve Reinnervation 

with Dr. Fabrice Rossignol

In this StallSide episode, Dr. Emma Adam and Krista Lea from the University of Kentucky join cohosts Dr. Bart Barber and Dr. Peter Morresey for a conversation on the complexities of tall fescue and the implications of endophyte ingestion.In this 63rd episode of StallSide, Sarah Myer Thompson of MG Biologics sheds light on the science behind equine plasma and its impact on equine healthIn this episode, Dr. Charlie Scoggin and Dr. Maria Schnobrich take you on an in-depth exploration of the commercial opening of the state-of-the-art in vitro fertilization (IVF) lab at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital.
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Equine Assisted Therapy at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope
with Pat Kline

Fairy Tale Story: The Journey of Satins Angel

with Alexa Lee

StallSide Rewind: Pioneering Equine Podiatry with 

with Dr. Scott Morrison

Don't miss this uplifting episode of StallSide Podcast, where we explore the extraordinary world of equine-assisted therapy and the commitment of those dedicated to it. In this candid conversation, Alexa Lee shares the heartwarming and inspiring story of Satins Angel, the 2022 Rood & Riddle Sport Horse of the Year Award. Dr. Peter Morresey and Dr. Bart Barber revisit an early episode (#9) with veterinary podiatry pioneer, Dr. Scott Morrison.
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The Cost of Horse Ownership
with Kate Hayes & Deb Reeder

Breaking Boundaires in Equine Fracture Repair

with Dr. Alan Ruggles

Scratches and Hives Oh My!

with Dr. Julia Miller

From daily upkeep, veterinary care, farrier visits, and training expenses to unexpected medical emergencies, the cost of horse ownership can quickly add up. Our guests will share valuable insights and tips on planning financially for bringing a horse into your life. In this fascinating discussion, Dr. Ruggles,  delves into the intricacies of equine fracture repair, shedding light on the latest advancements and techniques in the field.Throughout the episode, Dr. Miller provides valuable insights and practical advice for horse owners on recognizing, preventing, and treating these common skin conditions. Tune in to this episode of StallSide to learn more about how to keep your horse's skin healthy and happy!
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Dr. Colton Thacker
The Importance of Ultrasound
with Dr. Colton Thacker

A Conversation About HISA
with Dr. Stuart Brown

The First Fifty
with Dr. Bart Barber and Dr. Peter Morresey

Dr. Thacker will discuss his experiences working at yearling sales and how he uses his expertise in imaging to evaluate potential purchases for his clients.Dr. Brown discusses the ways in which HISA has evolved and is being executed to bring uniformity, increased advocation, and safety to racing athletes and how these changes create a more positive racing experience for all involved.
This special edition of StallSide celebrates the first fifty episodes of StallSide. The hosts look back at some of the most memorable moments, guests, and topics.
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Dystocia: It's All About Timing
with Dr. Bret Woodie

The Most Interesting Guest So Far
with Dr. Bart Barber

Restorative Dentistry
with Dr. Brad Tanner

Surgeon Dr. Woodie explains the steps taken by the surgical and medical staff from the time the mare steps into the hospital with dystocia through recovery.Dr. Barber talks about how changes in veterinary medicine and the importance of family have helped shape his career.
Dr. Tanner, one of the few boarded equine dentists in the world, explains how these procedures can keep your horse healthy and performing at their highest level.
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Understanding Uterine Biofilm
with Dr. Ryan Ferris

Rhodococcus Equi Infection Resistance
with Dr. Noah Cohen

The PET Scan
with Dr. Katie Garrett and Dr. Jose Bras

Dr. Ferris, one of the lead biofilm researchers, explains what biofilm is, its diagnosis, current treatments, and which mares are at greater risk.Dr. Cohen of Texas A&M, one of the leading researchers of this R. equi, discusses screening programs, symptoms, treatment, and where the current research is leading.
Dr. Garrett, Director of Imaging, and Dr. Bras, lead surgeon at the Wellington practice, discuss the uses of the PET scan in practice.  
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The Latest Technology for the Equine Industry
with Dr. Kevin Corley

The Evolution of Rood and Riddle Saratoga
with Dr. Liz Elzer

The Time is Right for Your Barren Mare's Check-Up
with Dr. Pete Sheerin

Software development in the equine industry hasn’t grown at the pace that it has in other industries.  Communication and information flow is vital for equine healthcare.Dr. Elzer, a surgeon at our Saratoga practice, has had a varied career. Farrier, economist, and surgeon are a few titles that can describe Dr. Elzer.
Theriogenologist Dr. Sheerin joins Dr. Bart Barber and Dr. Peter Morresey to talk about the steps you can take to get your barren mare ready for the upcoming breeding season.
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Triage Evacuation and Caring for Animals Affected by Wildfire
with Dr. John Madigan

An Elusive Disease: PPID
with Dr. Diane McFarlane

One Unusual Interview
with Dr. Peter Morresey

With wildfires happening more frequently throughout the United States, the need for horse and animal rescue has increased too. While more commonly known as Cushing's Disease, Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) is a very elusive condition to definitively diagnosis.
Sometimes things beyond our control happen and you must adjust. You’ve been listening and seeing him now you get to get to know StallSide host Dr. Peter Morresey. 
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Upper Airway Endoscopy in Sales Yearlings (Part 2)
with Dr. Scott Pierce

Upper Airway Endoscopy in Sales Yearlings (Part 1)
with Dr. Scott Pierce

General Practice: The Hardest Specialty
with Dr. Woodrow Friend

We continue the discussion on the grading of a sales yearling’s airway and why a consistent scoring system is needed. With buyers putting more importance on the grading of a sales yearling’s airway a consistent scoring system is needed. 
Mentoring veterinary students, handling reproduction cases, and seeing clients in his thriving sport horse medicine practice make up a typical day for this versatile veterinarian.
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Turning The Tide In Equine Veterinary Medicine
with Dr. Debbie Spike-Pierce

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
with Dr. Charlie Scoggin

Complementary Therapies
with Dr. Heath Soignier

Rood & Riddle CEO, Dr. Spike-Pierce, explains the current situation of the industry and changes that can improve the industry.Theriogenologist Dr. Scoggin talks about all things ICSI.
Dr. Soignier disucsses how complimentary therapies can benefit your horse's overall health.
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So You Want to Work With Horses? 
with Chris Baker and Alanna Mathes

Insights: Veterinary Medicine and the Racing Industry
with Dr. Larry Bramlage

The Problem Mare
with Dr. Etta Bradecamp

Chris Baker (COO,Three Chimneys) and Alanna Mathes (Intern Coordinator, RRVP)  dive into equine careers and opportunities.Dr. Bramlage gives his views on landmark advances in equine veterinary medicine, new developments and more...
Theriogenologist, Dr. Bradecamp, discusses how pregnancy can be difficult to achieve and some potential remedies.
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Laxity, Larvae, and Laminitis
with Dr. Craig Lesser

The Evolution of the Madigan Squeeze
with Dr. John Madigan

The New Foal Exam
with Dr. Laurie Metcalfe

Podiatrist Dr. Lesser walks us through some of the common problems he sees in foals, including contraction and laxity of tendons and more...Dr. Madigan recounts the evolution of the squeeze technique, used on maladjusted or dummy foals, from conception, testing, and some its unexpected uses.
Dr. Metcalfe reviews what is involved in a new foal exam and the importance of prevention and early detection of potential problems ...
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What You Need to Know About Colic
with Dr. Scott Hopper

Strangles: The Strep Throat of the Equine World
with Dr. Ashley Boyle

A Force of Nature: The Life and Career of Larry Bramlage
with Dr. Larry Bramlage

Dr. Hopper educates us on how colic is diagnosed, possible causes and complications , potential surgical outcomes, and more...Dr. Boyle reviews the symptoms, the most effective methods of detection, the appropriate treatment of the horse and more..
Starting at his family’s cattle farm in rural Kansas, he walks us through his early career and his most memorable cases. 
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The First Year
with Dr. Bart Barber and Dr. Peter Morresey

What's New In Equine Healthcare
with Dr. Bart Barber and Dr. Peter Morresey

The Human Cost of Veterinary Medicine
with Dr. Melanie Goble

Our co-hosts reminisce on the first year of StallSide and tell us what's in store for 2022.Dr. Morresey and Dr. Barber recap the latest research presented at the recent AAEP  National Convention.
Dr. Goble of Not One More Vet. joins the podcast to discuss the well-being of veterinarians and their technicians...
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A Deep Dive Into Laminitis
with Dr.  Scott Morrison

The Making of an Ambulatory Veterinarian
with Dr. Scott Pierce

Debunking Deworming
with Dr. Martin Nielson

Dr. Morrison talks all things laminitis including biomechanics, treatment, potential outcomes, a
From tube deworming and broodmare work to finding his passion in juvenile upper airway and mentoring veterina...
Is your deworming program working? Dr. Nielsen teaches us about problems with current deworming programs..

What You Need To Know About EPM
with Dr.  Stephen Reed

Inside the UK Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
with Dr. Rebecca Ruby

The Importance of Diagnostic Imaging
with Dr. Kate Garrett

Dr. Steve Reed takes a deep dive into EMP discussing it's causitive organism, effects on the horse and more!
Get a glimpse into the UK Diagnostic lab, and the importance it has in the equine industry.
Dr. Katie Garrett, Director of Imaging, explains the current and future technologies used to diagnose equine illness and injury.
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Rhodococcus Equi Prevention and Treatment
with Dr.  Bill Gilsenan

Lessons from the Theriogenology Conference
with Dr.  Maria Schnobrich

What You Need to Know About Colic
with Dr.  Sarah Tempelton

Dr. Bill Gilsenan dives into the current thinking about the diagnosis, treatment,  and prevention of Rhodococcus Equi.
Dr. Schnobrich brings us up to date on the latest research presented at the theriogenology conference.
Surgery Resident, Dr. Sarah Tempelton talks with Dr. Morresey and Dr. Barber about colic with an emphasis on the large colon.
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From the Beginning
with Dr.  Rolf Embertson

An Interns View
with Dr.  Alexander & Dr.  Kukorowski

Pioneering Equine Dentistry
with Dr.  Brad Tanner 

Dr. Embertson talks about his humble beginnings
as the first surgeon at Rood & Riddle...
From making the choice to come to Rood & Riddle to prior expectations and the reality of the experience...
Equine dentist, Dr. Brad Tanner discusses the
importance  of dental exams...

Pioneering Equine Podiatry
with Dr.  Scott Morrison

Tribute to Horseman John Hall
with Mark Taylor of Taylormade Farm

The Art of Equine Anesthesia
with Dr.  John Hubbell

Dr. Morrison touches on the devastating disease
laminitis & what treatments have been developed ...
Mark Taylor, of Taylormade Farm, reflects on the life and legacy left by influential horseman John Hall...
Dr. John Hubbell talks about the history, current practices, & visions for the future of equine anesthesia...

The Man, The Myth,
The Neurologist

with Dr.  Steve Reed

A New Rotavirus

with Dr. Emma Adam

A Foal's First 24 Hours
& Beyond

with Dr.  John Hubbell

Dr. Reed is well known throughout the world for
his expertise in equine neurology...
Dr. Emma Adam talks about life-threatening foal diarrhea, discovery,  research and current treatments...
Kate Christie walks through the milestones of the first
30 days of a foal's life...

The Rood Side of Rood
& Riddle

with Dr.  Bill Rood

Manging Dystocia on the Farm
with Dr. Mariah Schnobrich

The Riddle Half of Rood
& Riddle

with Dr.  Tom Riddle

Rood & Riddle co-founder, Dr. Bill Rood, looks back at his early career, his vision, & the development of...
Dr. Schnobrich tackles managing dystocia on the farm, the importance of timing, warning signs of...
Dr. Tom Riddle discusses the history of the hospital &
what's in store for the furture of equine health...

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