EnzySurge VetSilver
(Vet Use Only)

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Product Description

VetSilver® is a patented wound management solution, combining a low concentration of silver ions, menthol and glycerol plus a surfactant, dissolved in a hypertonic solution.

VetSilver's innovative synergetic formulation ensures effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal activity, biofilm destruction function, without tissue toxicity. The high concentration of the hygroscopic glycerol prevents skin damage by maceration.

VetSilver® effectively cleans, moisturizes and soothes even hard-to-treat, chronic wounds and burns. The specialized synergistic combination of silver ions and menthol allows lowering the concentration level of the silver ions well below tissue cytotoxic threshold. The four different mechanisms of action of the silver ions are unique, making VetSilver a highly effective wound management product.

Note: Do not use together with chloride ions containing fluids. Chloride ions bind to and inactivate silver ions, significantly reduces VetSilver efficacy.


How does VetSilver® heal wounds faster? 

  • Kills bacteria, fungi and reduces bioburden
  • Eliminates biofilm
  •  Reduces tissue MMPs (Matrix metalloproteinases) negative effects 
  • Stimulates granulation tissue growth
  • Non-toxic, non-cytotoxic & non-staining
  • Prevents tissue maceration
  •  Hydrogel Properties:
    • Absorbs & reduces exudates
    • Keeps the wound adequately moist
  • Reduces pain
  • Eliminates foul odor 

VetSilver® is based on SilverStream® that has been authorized by the US FDA, the CDSCO (Indian FDA) and Israeli MOH, for the treatment of all types of wounds and burns.

For more information, please visit: https://www.enzysurge.com

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